Congressional District


Congressional District


President Bush campaigned for Republicans in the GOP strongholds of Kansas and Nebraska Sunday, a finalweekend tour that analysts say reflects his party's difficulties this year. Bush White House United States Senate Supreme Court Yale University John Roberts Tony Snow Samuel Alito University of Nebraska Congressional District University of Kansas Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Grand Island Adrian Smith Scott Kleeb John Hibbing Rep. Jim Ryun Nebraska Republicans


Democrat Nancy Boyda defeated fiveterm Republican Rep. Jim Ryun within the 2nd Congressional cheap nike nfl jerseys District on Tuesday, a stunning reversal of their race two years ago. Also, Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius won reelection, defeating Republican challenger Jim Barnett. House of Representatives Democratic Party Kathleen Sebelius Congressional District Reform Party Dan Glickman David Rohde Sullivan Award Jim nike ravens jersey Barnett Robert Conroy Republican Rep. Jim Ryun


Democrats retained sole control of Hawaii's fourmember congressional delegation Tuesday with the reelection of Sen. Daniel Akaka and Rep. Abercrombie, as well as the election of Mazie Hirono to some contested House seat. House of Representatives Republican Party United States Department of Defense Sierra Club Congressional District Edison Media Research Mitofsky International Daniel Akaka Mazie Hirono Rep. Abercrombie Bob Hogue Rep. Ed Case


Sen. Jon Kyl defeated millionaire shopping mall developer Jim Pederson in an expensive Arizona Senate race that switched on voters' attitudes about national security and illegal immigration. Rep. Jim Kolbe. Rick Santorum Jim Pederson Randy Graf Richard Mack Democrat cheap football shirts uk Harry Mitchell Jay Quick Republican Len Munsil


Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson easily turned away Republican challenger Pete Ricketts, Gov. Dave Heineman finally got elected to the job he's held since January 2005 and state Sen. Adrian Smith used a lastminute pep rally led by President Bush to win Nebraska's 3rd District congressional seat . Bush United States Senate Yale University University of Nebraska Congressional District Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee South China Sea Mike Johanns North Platte Dave Heineman Omaha WorldHerald Scott Kleeb Pete Ricketts


Though some candidates are experimenting with posting ads online and campaign video on YouTube, oldfashioned commercials on local Tv producers remain what one strategist football kits calls "the nuclear weapon" of politics. Mark Foley Mike Hatch Republican Mark Kennedy

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